LIP 27: Gentoo Linux – Getting X Up and Running

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We continue on with our Gentoo adventure, setting out to get X11 configured. But first we are forced to detour to revisit network configuration. After that scenic trip, we get even more familiar with emerge and the compile machine that Gentoo is. We are rewarded with a visit back to one of your host’s favorite (but long ignored) window managers: Icewm.

icon for podpress  Episode 27 - Gentoo Linux - Getting X11 up and running [60:05m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

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  1. Andy said,

    March 1, 2007 at 2:35 pm

    Hi Serge
    Great show worts an all. Thats what make the lip so good for a Linux noob like me, all the faults you need to overcome and how you do it!. (or try to). Keep saying those commands and what they do as they really do fillin the whole picture.
    You inspired me to have a go at gentoo even though I find it a bit scary. I ‘ve had the same problems as you with the disapearing connection though a reboot and it worked? I got as fare as emerge portage but am now totally lost :) and need to backup alittle. It is easy to see can how you learn alot from Gentoo if you have the time :) and why people like it.
    For me Gentoo offers to the prospect of speed, and great social contract and good ppc support. While on the subject of ppc, distros that have worked for me in order yellowdog was good but the old world mac I had was to old to run it!!! Slackintosh 10.2 with xfce worked great on an 333mhz imac, ubuntu edgy worked ok but slow on my g4 867mhz. Debian etch works very welll and is very stable noticbly faster than ubuntu. Suse 10 cd downloads and 2 dvd down loads al failed to install?? I gave up. Fedora I have never tryed probably because of all that apt-get goodness.
    Anyway great show keep them coming I look forward to them every week


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