Episode 31 Zenwalk 4.6.1 part 1

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This week I install Zenwalk 4.6.1, a lightweight Slackware derivative. Zenwalk installs from 1 cd and uses xfce for it’s default desktop environment. I install the main system, add zenwalk to the grub menu, get networking set up with networkconfig, and fix a buggy environment by rebooting ;-). Catch another error filled episode of the lip.

icon for podpress  Episode 31 Zenwalk 4.6.1 part 1 [58:52m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

icon for podpress  Episode 31 Zenwalk 4.6.1 part 1 [58:52m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

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  1. William H Rhoades said,

    June 17, 2007 at 10:29 am

    I have listened up to the end of Mepis and really appreciate the work that goes into this (either host). Please answer or forward this to Serge if he is not too busy since I know he teaches technology: I am attracted to Quantux.
    Quantux only seems to be a name on the net.. I can’t find any evidence that it is a running program. A little about me: I installed xray for 30 years and like to play with math and engineering toys. My old dos favorites are pspice, derive and tutsim (an old incremental simulator from the Netherlands originally). I hope they will run in dossim, but I would like to poke through an additional collection of engineering student software and was hoping that Quantux-land would be a clearing house for anything numerical and inexpensive. Here are the kind of things I have tried to search for in Linux: land surveying student software (calculators like Wolfpack from Penn State), system training environments like “joy of convolution” from Johns Hopkins, physics simulators (2d gas models and such from various schools).

    Anyway, thanks for reading this and answering if you have time and can think of how I might search efficiently for more resources.
    William Rhoades

    My current distro is PCLinuxOS (on an old laptop) and my nearest LUGs are Sacramento and UC Davis.

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